Promotion of citizenship and Kazakhstan patriotism, formation of respect for the Constitution, laws and state symbols of Kazakhstan

For the purposes of civic education and patriotism, love to Homeland, respect for state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan, understanding their essence and values in schools, public institutions have ongoing work on Patriotic education, there are different forms of work. The state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan represent a young sovereign state with its own historical roots and traditions. Therefore, it is necessary to convey to the younger generation a sincere respect and special attitude to the Holy symbols of their country for each person. The study of the attributes of statehood: Flag, Emblem, Anthem, explanation of their essence and meaning should become one of the fundamental directions in the education of future citizens of Independent Kazakhstan.

To be a patriot of your country is always a great honor for any person who has pride and dignity. But patriots are not born, they become. Moreover, Patriotic education in a confidently developing state should not be evaluated only as a creative process. It is also a struggle for the youth, the future of the country, the struggle against such negative phenomena as forced migration, the growth of crime, drug addiction, alcoholism and extremist sentiments. In addition, the task of Patriotic education of young people is to show the younger generation the meaning, content and goals of religious associations operating in Kazakhstan. It is necessary to create a new system of education of Kazakhstan patriotism. Promotion of national ideology, education of Kazakhstanis by stimulating the development of national cultures, languages, customs and traditions, education of national patriotism on the example of the historical consciousness of the Kazakh and other ethnic groups living in Kazakhstan. Such ideology will contribute to solving the problems of strengthening the political independence of Kazakhstan, ethno-political and ethno-cultural community of Kazakhstan, moral, physical and environmental health of the population. It actively opposes chauvinism, separatism, nationalism, manifestations of tribalism and national isolation. It is important that the state ideology acted as a healing spiritual force in all spheres of life of the Kazakh society.