Profession electric and gas welder

License: no. 13001897

Issued: 15.02.13 by the Department for control in the field of education of Kostanay region by the Committee for control in the field of education and science of MES RK

Specialty : 1114000 "Welding business»

(by type)

Qualification: 1114042 "Electric And Gas Welder".

Full-time education. Training period 2 years 10 months

(based on 9 classes)

Training is free. Students are paid a scholarship .

Brief description: in the old days, metal products were on joints or monolithic. Today, there are several ways to connect metal parts so tightly that they will become one. These methods include gas and electric welding. A person who owns both of these techniques is called an electro-gas welder. It is a kind of magic: to connect two pieces of metal together. This specialty is very useful in construction and industry.

The history of the profession: People have long owned the method of forging welding, but it was not as reliable as electric arc or gas welding. Electric welding was invented in Ukraine in the middle of the XIX century. At the same time, the first electric welders appeared, who worked under the supervision of the inventors and researchers of this innovation in science. And already in the XX century in France, a method was invented for connecting the red-hot edges of metal products heated by burning acetylene in an oxygen medium. Since that time, these types of welds have been improved and a huge contribution to the study of these technologies was made by scientists of the Soviet Union. Current welders work in a protective helmet and overalls, and their predecessors for such work used protective screens of broken glass.…

The social significance of the profession in society: one Has only to look at how many metal products are welded around us to understand what importance these professionals have for society. Metal structures are welded most often by electric arc or gas welding. This is one of the most respected technical specialties. If their work were removed from where it is now, our world would fall apart at the seams. The profession of electric and gas welder is interesting, fascinating, but also complex.

Welding is a powerful means of accelerated development of industry, construction and transport. Thanks to the use of welding, it became possible to create many designs of machines, apparatus structures that could not be produced in other ways. Modern methods of welding are now so diverse that they allow you to weld all the metals used in the technique. It is difficult to find a branch of the national economy where it would be possible to do without this profession. With the help of electric arc and gas welding, permanent connections of machine parts, metal structures, pipelines, tanks and boilers, etc. are carried out.

After training in College, You will be able to perform:

1.manual arc and gas welding of parts and assemblies in the lower, vertical and horizontal positions,
2.surfacing on the simple parts and components;
3.rectilinear and curvilinear cutting of metal by manual acetylene-oxygen cutter on a marking and with application of adaptations, and also the mechanized cutting by means of semi-automatic machines;
4.surface oxygen and oxygen-flux cutting of parts, cast iron and stainless steel;
5.assemble parts or assemblies for welding in compliance with the required gaps;
6.determine external welding defects and their causes.

After going through College, You will :

1.well versed in the properties and purposes of electrodes of all types and brands; able to select the desired electrode depending on the quality and thickness of the metal, to weld worn surfaces of parts, welding defects, gas cutting of metal, the optimal modes of operation of electric and gas welding equipment.


The profession of electric and gas welder is one of the most versatile and promising. Professional skills You can apply, both at home and as a part-time job.


Graduates who have mastered this profession are easily employed. Currently, the work of the electric and gas welder is paid highly.


Production training begins with the 1st course and takes place first in training welding workshops, and then in production, in the shops.

Teachers working in the specialty:

Solntsev S. M. - master of industrial training

Karplyuk V. A. – master of industrial training

Skorokhodov I. F. - master of industrial training

Atamas S. V. – master of industrial training

Solopov V. G. - master of industrial training

Kachurina O. V. – teacher of spec.disciplines'

At the end of training the diploma of the state sample is issued, 3 or 4 qualification category is appropriated.

Internship and employment

For a professional (production) practices, contracts with enterprises and organizations of the district and the city, defined as practice bases for the qualification 1114042 "Welder": LLP "Agrofirma Borovskoe", LLP "Raskol", LLP "Agrofirma Carkin", farms of Mendikara area.

Employment of graduates in this profession tends to grow and is 69% in 2014.