KVN in accounting

Goals and objectives:

Educational: to identify the quality and level of mastery of knowledge and skills obtained in the study of the subject; to summarize the material as a system of knowledge.

Developing: to form future specialists of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the organization of accounting. To develop creative thinking (the solution of atypical tasks, or tasks in which standard solutions are contrary to the correct solution in this situation); to form the ability to identify the main and secondary; ability to establish rapport; to develop powers of observation to detail.

Educational: to increase interest in the studied subject; to encourage the search for new, additional knowledge about the studied materials; to form an interest in the activities of the accountant, to develop self-confidence, to form respect for the opinion of their colleagues, to form the need for self-improvement; to form a worldview, value judgment, to foster a sense of healthy competition and mutual

Means of training:

Projector, screen, computer, multimedia presentation.

The Course Of KVN

Sounds music " Ah KVN, KVN»


Good afternoon dear participants of the game, fans and guests! We are glad to welcome you in this hall for carrying out Accounting KVN. Today will fight the most intelligent, resourceful, friendly and curious players.

Officially in Kazakhstan "accountant's Day" is celebrated on October 6, the date is fixed. This professional holiday is called "day of accountant and auditor of Kazakhstan".
To judge our game will be the jury (Presentation of the jury members)

Today's meeting will be judged by a very competent jury consisting of:
Jury member: _______________________________________________________

Accountant: _____________________________________________________________

Hear the melody of "Anthem of the accountant»

1 leading: - Dear friends!
We welcome everyone who came to our celebration today: participants, fans and spectators. I think that in the next hour no one will be bored.

2 lead
Today between themselves two teams of accountants of group _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and group _______, teams resourceful and cheerful will compete.

2 lead
1 lead
Shines brightly hall lights —
The accountant's day with us!
Oh, what a holiday today!
It's just top class!
We sincerely congratulate you!

Many years, hours, minutes
Captivates, fascinates
Your selfless work!
Let there be agreement in everything,
Enough joy for everyone,
Ocean of love and happiness,
And always around the success!

It's time to get acquainted with the teams.


GREETING, business card of teams: motto, emblem.

Music from the K/f "the Bremen town musicians»

To barrier is invited team groups ________.

Team greeting group ________

Miley just us figures pattern, on guardians of of truth-accounting patrol

We are a team-just class!
Welcome us."
Today we're going to play KVN,
Balances difficult to solve.
Well, it's time to introduce yourself, to reveal a secret.
"Accounting watch" we
And give you a friendly Hello.

(to the jury) The best is our jury.
Here gathered today many kids.
All are beautiful and praiseworthy,
But the most beautiful and cleverest of all - the jury.
From the bottom of our hearts we want to please you,
And you will not believe, perhaps, the words,
Poems and songs prepared for You,
And we pin all our hopes on You!

(to rivals) Here is and rival there is have us,
And about him sing now:
We today with You in KVN play,
Let's sing, laugh, dance together.
And if it happens that someone loses,
The main thing, guys, do not be discouraged.
And a smile without a doubt
Suddenly touches your eyes,
And good mood
Will not leave you anymore!
(to the fans) And You, the fans we ask
To support us in our hour of need.
And we will try not to let you all down.
We're a team.
Do you agree with us? ... "Yes!"

Not a step back,
Nor how many on place,
And only forward
And only all together.

Our motto: Friendship and success!
We will win today all!
All for one, one for all,
Then the team will be successful!

The team of the group is invited _____________

The cheer TEAM "Balance»

The team takes the stage to the music (Aram Asatryan " Bales!") (all together)
My head is spinning again,
Again you need to pass the test…
Oh, accounting, accounting!
Again can't reconcile this,
Not goes again report…
Oh, accounting, accounting!
We will open 1C,
Quickly will do calculation…
Oh, accounting, accounting!
Debit, credit, VAT,
Cash, the warrant and the sub-account…
Oh, accounting, accounting!

1 a participant: And that you have exam today? Where are you going?
2 a participant: So game today-KVN accountants.
3 a participant: KVN – this Beautiful, Delightful, Beloved!?
1 participant: yeah, dreaming! Rather, it is a Contest of Cheerful Ignoramuses!
2 a participant: to 1 stakeholder, tell, and you not regretted, that went learn on accountant?
1.: Of course not. I study well. I want to play a major role in the movie"Accountant".
Today I'm waiting for the latest issue of a popular magazine about celebrities-I'm close-up on the cover. Now I am preparing for publication a textbook "accounting", I want me on the cover was on a horse, in the hands of a DIPLOMA, and in the background ATK No. 6

2 a participant referring to 1 stakeholder: and you to GOS. exams already're preparing?

1 a participant: Yes modicum now! See-white shirt, tie!
4 a participant: But importantly, no one will guess, that for him lurks! Look: from the inside-debit, credit, provodochki, chart of accounts... and from the face of all the type-top: fashionable, stylish and practical. I think it will be appreciated not only by the Chairman!

3 a participant: There is have us one spare, we his for Chairman jury cherish. Because today they are too, the balance will be reduced. Can, will come in handy Cribs, to our balance was debit!
Accounting is a mysterious and fascinating thing!
This is science and art at the same time!
On the coat of arms of accountants there are three symbols:
Sun, accounting illuminates economic activity
The Bernoulli curve is a symbol that accounting, once created, will exist forever.
Scales-symbolizing balance
Our team is called BALANCE
Our motto: Dashing we accountant, and gathered us here game!
- Isn't it a miracle that we managed to create a team from such two very different groups?
Remember, as have Pushkin?
"They converged, wave and stone, poetry and prose, ice and fire ...".
"No, it's better that way:
- They agreed, control taking into account,
Balance with talented calculation.
As debit with credit have us,
And don't give the mistake a chance!
As the amount of the balance on a par,
The calculations are quite common.
profits and losses are know,
- Income and debts!
And we love the chart of accounts!
After all, we are accountants went!
- Yeah. It's good that not all of us are Pushkins. Someone has to be just an accountant!
And now from the life of accountants, economists and tax specialists:

1. The accountant first reads a four-year-old daughter a fairy tale about Cinderella. The girl is fascinated by the story, especially the part where the pumpkin turns into a Golden carriage. Suddenly she asks:
"Dad, when a pumpkin turns into a Golden carriage, is that classified as income, or an increase in the value of the property?"

2.A man comes to the police and says:
- I constantly receive letters demanding to pay the money and threats!
The investigator is responsible:
"These letters must be anonymous."
- No, - the man answers, - it is signed - "the Chief of tax inspection".

3.A man asks the head of a large enterprise:
- You need an accountant with a marine bias?
"How's that?"
"Half to you, half to me, and the ends in the water!"

4.In the middle of the night the husband wakes up from his own scream. Wife is angry with asks:
"Did you dream about being bitten again?"
"N-no... As taxes stifle.

5. Conversation of New Russian children:
- I got on dad's computer yesterday, it's so freaky
game... - "1C accounting", I already reached the third level.
"And then?"
- Then I was crushed by taxes.

6. The son reads the book and asks his father-accountant:
"Dad, is' the Examiner ' a tragedy or a Comedy?"
- If, son, auditor its, then Comedy, and if someone else's-the tragedy.

"Seriously. The entire our College itself already fairy tale!
"And it's a miracle we can study here!"
- Isn't it a fairy tale that we are surrounded by kind, intelligent, attentive teachers and masters of industrial training!
"It's a miracle they believe in us."
"Do you want a College story?" And more specifically from the lives of our teachers. Look at this!

Scene " goldfish»
Have the most blue rivers lived-were educators College.
And they went fishing every day to catch a goldfish.
Long time eh, briefly they were gone, the fish they caught.
They fell on their knees before her and prayed: "sovereign fish! We have Pushkin somewhere read, fulfill you, know, desires. We want neither palaces nor nobility. We don't want awards or titles."
"We have two groups of students. Make it so that they studied at "excellent".
Here is week, another passes. The students were even more furious. Saddened cool mom to fish again came with a bow.
"Have mercy, your Majesty goldfish. No honors, and no need. Make you a small miracle that they went to lessons."
A semester had passed, and another was at an end. Children fear quite lost. Again to small river cool mothers saddened have moved to fish. They have only one request was to deliver them from suffering.
The sovereign fish took pity: "do not be sad, you go with God! Here examinations will end, at once all cares will leave and alarms. Because the children will leave you. That's when you'll cry enough!»

Together it is fun to walk on open spaces,
Across the vastness, across the vastness.