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MSPE "Bohr Vocational and Technical College"

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Subject: Legal regulation of economic activity

III year

Subject: The employment contract

Type of lesson: a lesson of knowledge creation.

Lesson type: workshop.

This lesson takes the leading place in the discipline "Legal regulation of economic activity." The knowledge gained in the classroom form of knowledge of labor laws, develop their own opinions and the ability to defend stance. Technologies used: IR - technology, health-saving. Methods: authentic (monologue) satiated information method, the method of analysis, group collaboration, the method of time constraints. Receptions: problematic issues. Forms of work: individual, group, front

The aim of the lesson is to create the legal competence of the student, the ability to quickly find the right solution to the problems.

Lesson Resources: Presentation (DOWNLOAD), Multimedia equipment, a workbook, Labor Code RK didactic material.


During the classes:

  1. Organizational issues.

Creating an atmosphere of psychological lesson, students in the business administration of the rhythm of the lesson.

Hello guys! Before we begin our lesson, I want to know if a group is ready for a lesson?

- Report of the elders. And so I see that everyone is ready. Today in class we are divided into subgroups. We will work collectively, but there is one condition, answering one on subgroups that are not shouting. For each correct answer, I will give subgroup badge. The more tokens pick subgroup, the higher the ball will be your score at the end of the lesson.

Teacher: The theme of our lesson, "employment contract" (slide 1) Today in class we will have to learn to work with you with the legal regulations, to be able to acknowledge and articulate their point of view (slide 2).

  1. Motivational interviewing.

Teacher: Have you decided to choose a profession. As time passes, you will end our college and get a specialty "Accountant". You'll get a job, and you will have to enter into, or may constitute an employment contract. The knowledge gained in the classroom, to help you wisely and pay careful attention to this document.

Sh.Aktualizatsiya support knowledge:

Before you start learning a new subject, I would like to check your homework. What has been set in the house? Let us recall the basic provisions of labor law.

1.Frontalnaya conversation(Annex 1)

  1. On board multimedia students are asked to select from a list of terms is one that is not associated with the concept of "recruitment". (Slide 3), then read the text in which the number of words to be skipped (phrases), and choose from a list of words (phrases) and put them in place passes (slide 4)

IV Formation of new knowledge:

We turn to the study of new material. You are on the table a small plate, which is the graph:

I know

I wish to know

Localized (a)


You are within one minute fill in these graphs. Students recall what they already know about the topic of the lesson, and make the appropriate entries. Then there is a discussion. Who is ready to answer?

The teacher listens to everyone who wants to speak.

On the basis of these statements he can imagine the level of knowledge on the topic of the lesson the students. (For the teacher himself estimates speakers)

Thank you so much!

Next, the teacher refers to the topic of our class "concept of an employment contract" (Slide 5).

Teacher: A person who gets a job, called employee. A person who takes an employee to work, called the employer. Employee and employer are parties to the employment contract. Between employee and employer is the labor contract. What is an employment contract? We begin with the very concept of an employment contract.

The employment contract - a legal document which regulates the relations between workers and employers.

Tutoring offered to remove the concept of "employment contract" with the power of the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan (slide 6).

Explanation of the new material is accompanied by a presentation on an iterative board highlights students record in a notebook:

  1. A) What are the mutual rights and obligations between the employee and the employer are specified in the employment contract (Slide 7)

As a general rule, an employment contract is permitted from 16 years (slide 8)

  1. B) Type of contracts (slide 9-10)
  2. B) The procedure of the employment contract. The test for employment (Slide 11)
  3. D) order of the conclusion of the employment contract (slide 12)
  4. B) Termination of the employment contract (slayd13)

Fizkultminutka (slide 14)

  1. D) Study of 185 articles claim 2, claim 4 p.2,54.13,62 53 (slayd15-16)


Group work of students. Working with the source of the RK Labor Code. Each group is given a card with tasks, complete tasks, and to prepare short speech (up to 5 min).(Appendix 2)

Performance of group work of students.

Thanks for the work you've done.

Guys tell me, we live in what country?

Characterize our country!

Answers training.

We have a multi-ethnic state and all the documents are conducted in two languages.

So let's basic terminology on the topic we'll write down and memorize. (Slide 17) first reads the teacher, and then studying the chorus. Thank you for your work!

Now we discuss the problematic situations related to employment.(Appendix 3)

So, let's help the girls deal with the situation, and find out what kind of rights have been violated Kathy its director. Discussions with the group.

What legal violations you have identified the part of the employer?


Generalization of the teacher.

Conclusion: The employment contract is one of the central institutions of the labor law. The employment relationship between the employee and the employer are governed by the contract. It establishes the contractual nature of labor relations, freedom of including citizens in the labor collective of the enterprise, institution or organization. In the transition to a market economy, when competition and unemployment evident, the role and importance of the employment contract sharply increase, as is done with the help of the employment and the employer wants to attract to work most skilled, experienced workers.

  1. Securing. Questions for students:

With a theme we learned today?

What have you learned the new?

Are you the knowledge gained in the classroom are needed?

If questions for me?

Reflection. Teacher trainees returns to the table, they began to fill in the beginning of the lesson.

I know

I wish to know

Localized (a)


It invites them to make entries in the third column "learned". In it, they should write down everything that they have learned the lesson of the new. It is important to note the following, received or not, they are answers to questions that they have formulated a column filled with "I wish to know." Continue statements about the lesson. 1.Znaniya obtained in the classroom, I need ... 2. I got useful information that helped 3.Urok ... think about ... 4. Now I know how to ... VI. Summing up: Now, let's summarize this lesson: (. Sobir tokens) to summarize our lesson Rating: 1 c. received medals ... .. Assessment ---- 2 3 4

Now write down your homework: TC RK with 56 to claim 4, 24, 56. Thank you for your attention !!! VII. References: code RC 1.Trudovoy with claim 56 24, 25;. 185 Claim 2, Claim 4 2.Yakovlev p.2,54.13,62 53 A. Fundamentals of law. Textbook for primary school pupils zavedeniy- M: ITs "Academy", 2009. 3.Zhamylin GA Textbook Civil law of Kazakhstan Almaty, 2006 4. "Labor Law of RK" st.7,8,9