approved by Order

Ministry of Education and Science

Republic of Kazakhstan

on August 17, 2000 № 827


1.Primernye Library Rules of organization of primary and secondary vocational education were developed in accordance with the Standard Regulations of the libraries of primary and secondary vocational education and apply to public libraries in primary and secondary education, regardless of their affiliation.

2.Primernye rules regulate general procedure for organizing the service of readers in primary and secondary education, the rights and duties of the library and the reader.

General rules for using libraries of primary and secondary

professional education

3.Pravo library use have students, faculty and staff. Other categories of readers are serviced in a single order for the collateral system.

  1. Main types of library services are free of charge. Additional paid services are provided on the basis of lists and price lists approved by the Director of the organization of education in coordination with the competent authority.

5.Vydacha literature on the house made on the subscription. Do not be extradited to the house last or only copy and stamped copy of "legal deposit". The reading rooms can be used without the right to literature fans.

6.Zapis readers to the library on presentation of a document certifying the reader's affiliation Education: For students - ticket for faculty, staff and other categories of readers - identity card or business card, and one photo size 3x4 cm.

7.Chitatelyu issued a single library card for the right to use the library and the library is filled form. When the library records the readers acquainted with its rules and confirm their commitment to carrying out its signature in the reader. 8. Duration of the library card - for one year. Every year the library holds a re-registration of their readers by presenting all its outstanding literature in a timely extension of the library and library card. Readers who have not passed re-registration, the library is not maintained.

  1. On disposal of the institution readers return to the library its outstanding publications and library cards.

10.When obtaining books, other printed and other materials readers carefully look through publications and in case of detection of any defects reported to the duty librarian, otherwise liable for damage to books lies with the reader using the edition last.

11.Chitateli violating the rules of using or causing damage to the library, are administrative, material or criminal responsibility in the forms required by applicable law, statute and rules of library use.

For the loss of books and other printed works and other materials from the library collections or causing them irreparable harm minors readers the responsibility of their parents or persons substituting them.

  1. Readers are responsible for loss or damage of media, such zheizdaniyami replace them, or copies thereof, or publications, recognized library equivalent, and if you can not compensate for the replacement of their real market value. Srokvzyskaniya students with the cost of lost or damaged books ustanavlivaetsyadirektorom educational organization.

Terms of use subscription

  1. In the subscription literature is given at the house on the following dates:

1) literature in the social sciences is given the academic year without limiting the number of books;

2) training and methods literature issued for examination of the subject to mandatory re-registration within a reasonable time;

3) scientific and special literature issued for 20 days in quantity of 2-3 books;

4) The literature is given no more than 20 days in an amount of 1-2 books;

5) periodicals previous years are granted for 20 days in the amount of 5 items.

14.Srok use can be extended if there is no demand from readers for materials, or reduced if the publications are available in a single copy or in high demand.

15.Za each copy taken of the readers of signs on the reader or book form.

When returning books reader painted signature repaid librarian.

  1. Students-time students are provided with the necessary literature on mezhsessionnyyperiod.
  2. References for group lessons given on the subscription request popismennomu teacher and is made in the logbook podraspisku duty student group.

Responsibility for the literature obtained in group lessons, the teacher has.

Terms of use reading room

eighteen.Issuance of books in the reading room is done on a single library ticket or a student ID (student).

  1. The issuance of a receipt books issued in the book the reader logbook of each edition.
  2. In the library, where there is no separate room, the literature for use in the walls of the institution within the time the library is issued for subscription by a single library ticket. Library oversees the timely return of the literature, taken on the same day.

21.Ne allowed to enter the reading rooms with personal and library books, magazines, newspapers, clippings from publications and other printed material.

22.Vynosit literature of the reading room is prohibited. In case of violation of this rule readers lose the right to use the library for a period determined by the library administration, depending on the degree of violation.

The rights and duties of the reader

  1. Readers have the right to:

1) free access to the main types of library and information services provided by the library;

2) to receive advice on the search and selection of information sources;

3) The use of electronic catalog data Consolidated education area, Internet services and other information services in the presence of a library of electronic equipment.

  1. Readers are required to:

1) to give the literature show a library card and sign for each publication in book reader or formulary;

2) take care of the books and other printed materials and other library property;

Three) return obtained in publications Library installed sroki.25.Chitatelyu not:

1) visit the library in outerwear;

2) to enter the reading rooms with bags


3) to break the silence and order in the premises of the library;

4) To make the book the library does not sign for them;

5) deface library publications (do they mark, underline, tear sheets, bent backs, etc.);

6} to remove the card from the card files and directories;

7) enter without permission in offices and stacks.

Rights and duties of the library

  1. The library serves readers in accordance with the Regulations on the organization of the library of primary and secondary vocational education and the Rules of library use.

27.Biblioteka has the right to:




1) continuously monitor the return of library books issued;

2) to apply penalties to the readers, violates the right to use the library;

3) to recover from the readers of the real market value of lost or damaged media, and in the case of persistent refusal to compensate the lost or damaged publication to contact the notary authorities to recover the place of work of the reader or the parent of the real market value of a 10-fold amount.

28.Biblioteka must:

1) to be guided by the principles of humanism, political and ideological pluralism;

2) to be neutral with regard to games and social movements;

3) to provide readers the opportunity to use all the library funds; with a lack of necessary literature library is obliged to provide the reader with a copy of the required training material;

4) create and maintain the conditions necessary for the library readers;

5)inform readers about all kinds of services;

6) to promote their collections and the services provided, to develop and encourage an interest in books, to take measures to bring to the library for all students and staff;

7) To study and more fully meet the needs of readers;

8) to improve library and information services and the promotion of books, using for this purpose various forms of individual and mass work with readers, as well as introducing computerization and advanced technology;

9) to guide students in reading, to instil in them a love for the forest, the desire for continuous learning, knowledge;

10) Improve the culture of reading, bibliographic literacy readers by oral consultations, discussions and special course on the basics of bibliographic knowledge;

11) carry out registration, storage and use of a fund of publications in accordance with the established rules;

12) be responsible for the safety of their funds, which are part of the national cultural heritage: monitor the timely return of library books checked out, to make the next issue of the reader of books at home only after receiving a previously issued books, the period of use has expired;

13) 20 days after the expiration of the period of use of books to inform the reader about the need to return them to the library in the 10-day period. If books are not returned to the library within this period, the library directs the reader to a written request for their return or replacement within two months equivalent in content and cost. The demand must contain a warning that in case of not returning to the reader will be recovered on an uncontested basis the cost of these works printed in a 10-fold amount.

If the reader within the specified period will not return books or replace their equivalent, the library sends to the notary authorities claim to recover from the reader or his parents in the workplace cost of lost or damaged books tenfold.

  1. It is not allowed to restrict access readers to the documents stored in the library.