The state of the College library

Reviewed and approved by the pedagogical Council

"28" August 2014.

I. General provisions

The library is a structural unit) involved in
educational process in order to ensure the right of participants
educational process for free use

library and information resources.

The activity of the College library (hereinafter - the library) is reflected in the Charter of the College.

The goal of the library relate to the objectives of the College: the formation of General culture of personality of students based on the learning of the mandatory minimum content of education programmes, and their adaptation to life in society, creating the basis for informed choice and subsequent development of professional educational programs, civic education, hard work, respect for the rights and freedoms of the individual, love of nature, Homeland, family, formation of healthy lifestyle.

The library is guided in its activities by the legislation of the RK, decrees and orders of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, decrees and orders of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, decisions of the Ministry of education , instructions of the Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Charter of the College, the statutes of the library, approved by the Director of the College.

The activity of the library is based on the principles of democracy, humanism, accessibility, priority of universal values, citizenship, free development of the individual.

Use of information sources, a list of the main services and conditions of their provision are determined by Position about the library and library Rules approved by the Director of the College. The College is responsible for the availability and quality of library information services to the library.

The organization of service of participants of educational process is made according to safety regulations and fire-prevention, sanitary and hygienic requirements.



II. Main tasks

The main objectives of the library are:

a) providing participants of the educational process-students,
teachers, parents (other legal representatives)
students (hereinafter-users) - access to information, knowledge,
ideas, cultural values through the use of library-
information resources of the College in various media: paper
(book Fund, the periodical publications); communicative
(computer networks) and other media;

b) education of cultural and civic consciousness, assistance in
socialization of the student, the development of his creative potential;

C) developing the skills of an independent library user:
training in the search, selection and critical evaluation of information;

d) improving the services provided by the library on the basis of
introduction of new information technologies and computerization
library and information processes, the formation of a comfortable
the library environment.

III. Main function

10. To implement the main tasks of the library:

a) forms a Fund of library and information resources of the College:
complements the universal Fund of educational, artistic, scientific,
reference, pedagogical and popular scientific documents on
traditional and non-traditional media;

replenishes the Fund with information resources of the Internet;

b) creates information products:

carries out analytical and synthetic processing of information;

organizes and maintains reference and bibliographic apparatus: katalo™

(alphabetical, systematic), card index (systematic card index of articles,

thematic card files), electronic catalogue;

develops reference bibliographic manuals (lists, reviews,

pointers, etc.);

provides information to users about information products;

C) carries out differentiated library and information
student services:

organizes training in the skills of independent library user and information consumer, promotes the integration of the complex of knowledge, skills and skills of working with books and information;

provides information support in solving problems arising in the process of their educational, self-educational and leisure activities;

d) carries out differentiated library and information
service of teachers:

identifies information needs and meets requests related to

education, upbringing and health of children;

identifies information needs and satisfies requests in the field of

pedagogical innovations and new technologies;

promotes professional competence, professional development,


creates a Bank of pedagogical information as the basis of a single information

services of educational institution, carries out accumulation,

systematization of information on subjects, sections and topics;

organizes access to the Bank of pedagogical information on any media;

viewing electronic versions of pedagogical publications;

provides current information (days of information, reviews of new

income and publications), informing the College management on

issues of educational process management;

contributes to the training on the formation of information


e) carries out differentiated library and information

service of parents (other legal representatives) of students:

meets the needs of users and informs about new arrivals in


advises on the organization of family reading, introduces

information on education


advises on issues of educational publications for students.

Organization of library activities

The College library is divided into a subscription, a reading room, a Department of textbooks

Library and information services are provided on the basis of library and information resources in accordance with the educational and educational plans of the College, programs, projects and work plan of the library

In order to ensure the modernization of the library in the conditions of Informatization of education and within the funds allocated by the founders, the College provides a library:

guaranteed financing of acquisition of library and information resources(in the estimate of the institution is displayed separately);

necessary office and production premises in accordance with the structure of the library and regulations on the safety of computer operation (absence of high humidity, dustiness of the premises, corrosive impurities or conductive dust) and in accordance with the provisions of ;

telecommunication and copying and copying equipment and necessary software products;

repair and service of equipment and equipment of the library; library equipment and stationery. The College creates conditions for the preservation of equipment, equipment and property of the library.

Responsibility for the systematic and quality of acquisition of the main Fund of the library, acquisition of the educational Fund in accordance with the lists of textbooks and teaching materials, the creation of the necessary conditions for the activities of the library is the Director of the College in accordance with the Charter of the College.

The mode of operation of the library is determined in accordance with the rules of internal regulations of the College.

Management. The states

The library is managed in accordance with

the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Charter of the College. The General management of the library is carried out by the Director of the College.

The management of the library is carried out by the Deputy for BP, who is responsible within his competence to the society and the Director of the College, students, their parents (other legal representatives) for the organization and results of the library in accordance with the functional responsibilities provided for by the qualification requirements, the employment contract and the Charter of the College.

The librarian is appointed by the Director of the College, is a member of the teaching staff and is a member of the College's teaching Council.

The librarian develops and submits to the Director of the College for approval the following documents:

a) regulations on the library, rules of use of the library;

b) the structure and staffing of the library, which are developed on
on the basis of the scope of work defined by the regulation on the library with
the use of " Inter-industry norms of time for processes performed in

d) planning and reporting documentation;

e) technological documentation.

The procedure for staffing the library is regulated by the staff
schedule. #

In order to ensure the differentiated work of the library, positions may be introduced: head of the library, librarian.

Labor relations of employees are regulated by an employment contract, the terms of which should not contradict the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on labor.




VI. Rights and obligations

Library employees have the right to:

a) independently choose forms, means and methods
library and information services of educational and
educational processes in accordance with the goals and objectives specified in the
the Charter of the College and the state of the library;

b) to carry out optional classes, lessons and
circles of library and bibliographic knowledge and information culture;

C) recommend sources of acquisition of information resources;

g) to withdraw and sell the documents from the funds in accordance with
the instruction on accounting of library Fund;

e) determine in accordance with the rules of use of the library,
approved by the Director of the College, and in consultation with the parent

g) be presented to various forms of encouragement;

h) participate in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the work
library associations or


Librarians are obliged to:

a) provide users with the ability to work with information
library resources;

b) inform users about the types of services provided by the library

C) to provide the scientific organization of funds and catalogs;

d) to form funds in accordance with the approved lists;
publications, College educational programs, interests,
needs and requests of all

the categories of users listed above;

e) to improve information and bibliographic and library
user service:

e) to ensure the safety of the use of media, their
systematization, placement and storage;

g) ensure the operation of the library;

h) report in accordance with the established procedure to the Director of the College;
s) to improve their skills.




VII. Rights and obligations of library users

Users of the library have the right to: a) receive full information about the composition of the library Fund, information resources and services provided by the library;


b) use the reference and bibliographic apparatus of the library;

C) to receive consulting assistance in the search and selection of sources

d) to receive for temporary use on the subscription and in the reading room
publications and other sources of information;

e) extend the period of use of documents;

(e) receive thematic, factual, clarifying and
bibliographic reference on the basis of the library Fund;

g) participate in events held by the library;

I) to address for the resolution of a conflict situation to the Director of College. Library users are required to.

a) comply with the rules of use of the library;

b) take care of the works of printing (do not pull out, do not bend
pages, not to do in books underscores, marks), other documents on
a variety of media, equipment, inventory;

C) maintain the order of placement of documents in the public domain
libraries, the location of the cards in the catalogues and card files;

g) to use and valuable reference documents only in the room

e) to be convinced at receipt of documents of absence of defects, and at
if found, inform the library employee about it.
Responsibility for the defects found in the submitted documents is borne by
latest member;

e) sign the reader's form for each received

g) return documents to the library in due time

h) replace library documents in case of their loss or damage
they are equivalent, or to compensate for the damage in the amount established
terms of use of the College library;

I) pay the library in full at the end of the term of study or

College work.

Procedure for using the library:

a) record in library of the trained is made on list structure
groups of teachers and other employees of the College-individually,
parents (other legal representatives) of students - on the passport;

b) re-registration of library users is made

C) the document confirming the right to use the library is
reader's form;

d) the reader's form records the date of issuance of documents to the user
from the library Fund and their return to the library.

The order of use of the subscription:

a) users have the right to receive at home from multi-volume publications not
more than two documents at the same time;


b) maximum terms of use of documents:

textbooks, study guides — academic year;

popular science, educational, fiction-14 days;

periodicals, high demand publications-7 days;

C) users can extend the period of use of documents, if they

there is no demand from other users.

The order of use of the reading room:

a) documents intended for work in the reading room, the house is not

b) encyclopedias, reference books, rare, valuable and available in a single
a copy of the documents are issued only for work in the reading room;