The systematic catalogue is organized based on the content of the books. Catalog cards are located in it by branches of knowledge in accordance with a certain system of library and bibliographic classification (BBC). It is a basic source when searching for literature on a topic.

The electronic catalog is created according to the structure of the tables of the BBK, as well as those specialties that the College prepares.

In addition, a separate section contains textbooks and manuals on General subjects. These subjects include natural Sciences such as: physical and mathematical Sciences, chemical Sciences, earth Sciences, biological Sciences, historical Sciences, philological Sciences, military Sciences, technical Sciences.

All spec. textbooks and manuals are arranged according to the structure of the BBC.

31-section energy. This section contains textbooks on electric power engineering, electrical engineering, heat power engineering, heat engineering, i.e. textbooks and manuals on specialty 0910000 Electrical Electromechanical equipment (qualification 0910022 Electrician on power networks and electrical equipment)

34 section-metallurgy. Processing of metals. In this section there are textbooks and manuals related to the specialty 1114000 Welding (qualification 1114042 electric and gas Welder)

36-section of food production. In this section there are textbooks and educational literature, as well as additional literature on the specialty 1504000 Farming (qualification 1504042 Cook)

38-section construction. This section includes textbooks not only on the technology of construction works, but also on sanitary construction, improvement of settlements, fire protection, sanitary improvement of settlements in the specialty 1401000 Construction and operation of buildings and structures (qualification 1401042 Plasterers)

39-40 section transport. Textbooks and manuals on safety and traffic rules, as well as educational literature on tractors, agricultural machinery, their device and rules of operation. In this section you can find literature related to the issues of agriculture and agricultural engineering specialty 1504000 Farming (qualification 1504062 Tractor driver agricultural production)

65-section Economics, economic Sciences. This includes such textbooks as labor Economics, Finance, credit, the economy of Kazakhstan, agribusiness. Here is all the educational literature on the specialty 1504000 Farming (qualification 1504012 Accountant)

The directory is designed to work with the educational Foundation for a fast finding of the existing literature on the professions.