Kozhukhovskaya Olga



"...The book brings knowledge and enlightenment to mankind. The book contains the secrets of the existence of the human race. The book is the most patient teacher. Nothing is more precious to a thinking man than a book.»


N. A. Nazarbayev

Each educational institution has its own library, and it plays an important role in the organization of the educational process.


BPTC library is no exception, it is a storehouse of useful information, a generator of creative ideas. The library of Borovsky vocational technical College, like all libraries of secondary vocational schools, is engaged in providing the educational process. This means that every day the librarian takes care that every teacher and student can fully meet their information needs.


The task of our library is not only information support, but also humanitarian and educational activities aimed primarily at the spiritual and moral education of students.


It is known that the more time a person spends behind the wheel, the faster his skill grows, and the library: the more often you visit it, the more interesting and native it becomes. Make sure you know your library really well.