Kgkp " Borovsky professional and technical College»

"Quality education and upbringing is a priority of the state policy of Kazakhstan".


Our College has two dormitories. One of them is designed for 100 seats, and the other for 80.

The dormitories have a shower, a library, a dining room, a recreation room, a hall on the floors, household rooms. In the household rooms, there are washing machines.

In the lobby of the first floor there is a game tennis table. Each hall has upholstered furniture, flowers.

The dining room is designed for 80 seats.


Clock for the dining room.                                         I am a patriot of my country-conversation



Who is the leader?                       Our Nauryz! !!                           Student renovation.


New year performance.              Medalist of Greco-Roman wrestling         Evening of humor.


Best room.                                      There is a place to rest.


Our library.                            Hall.                              Lounge.