Material and educational base of the College


The structure of the model. The right of operational management

Total area-5 524 sq. m.

5 buildings-typical :

- educational building - 600 seats, two buildings for laboratory and practical training, two dormitories for nonresident 180 seats,

- dining room - 80 seats.

- sports hall, sports ground

The College has a medical center and a license for medical activities No. 19010273 dated 04.05.2019.

The College has a library, security is 100%

The total book Fund of the library is: 18091

Educational literature on spec. Ten thousand one hundred eighty

Educational literature on General 4818

Methodical literature 239

Fiction 2077(6)

Other literature for additional development of students 740

Electronic textbooks 37

The educational and material base of the College is represented by 19 classrooms for theoretical classes, 7 laboratories and 1 workshop. Classrooms are equipped with modern technical means of training. Training is carried out in a complex consisting of workshops and laboratories. The structure of the training and production complex includes 1 locksmith workshop and 7 laboratories: electrical, electric welding, bricklayer, 2 cooks; laboratories for agricultural machines and tractors and cars for qualification "tractor driver". The laboratories and workshops have the basic equipment and the necessary tools for the organization and practice of obtaining primary professional skills in the professions. On the machine yard area of 1.2 hectares., is training equipment for training on qualifications "Tractor driver of agricultural production" and "Technician-mechanic". Driving on machine-tractor equipment is carried out on the equipped racetrack.