Social partnership in kgkp "Vocational College named after Kamshat Donenbayeva" of the Department of education of akimat of Kostanay region.

Vocational training in SOE "Vocational College named Kamshat Donenbaeva" is conducted in accordance with the legal documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan: law of RK "On education", the Labour code of the ROK, methodical recommendations on organization and carrying out of professional practice of students of primary and secondary educational institutions, approved by order of MES RK from 05.04.04, No. 287, the State compulsory standards of technical and professional education of RK, the schedule of the educational process.

The College has 15 contracts with enterprises defined as bases of practice, according to specialties and qualifications, covering the full period of study. LLP "Raskol", EPA's "Forfeit"Mendygarinsky RES, LLP "PC Vita", cafe "Caspian sea" cafe "Zhuldyz", LLP "Kalin Orman", LLP "Agrofirma Borovskoe", LLP "Vostok-1" LLP, "Agrofirma Karyn", LLP "Azat D", GKP "Borovskoe utilities-2016", LLP "Ryazhsk", LLP "Egin", LLP "Medicare -Remstroy", LLP "Serko»

To obtain a license for secondary technical specialties "Farming" qualification "Technician mechanic" and qualification "Technologist - Manager" contracts for professional practice with the above enterprises and individual entrepreneurs of the district, as well as with two colleges Karasu and Denisovsky. Thus, for the specialty "Farming" qualification "Technician-mechanic" contracts were signed for 70 students to undergo practical training. On the specialty "Farming" qualification "Technologist - Manager" contracts for 91 students. On the basis of the state program of education development RK for 2011-2020 and state Program of forced industrial and innovative development (spfiid) was developed form the agreement (agreement) on cooperation and social partnership with the above companies, which agreed to promote the maximum satisfaction of the needs of the employer by the qualified specialists of technical direction.

Based on the local climatic conditions, schedule and mode of work of agricultural enterprises, the production practice in the specialty "Farming" qualification "Tractor driver of agricultural production" is divided into autumn and spring: in accordance with sowing and harvesting in the fields of farms of social partners and the training field.

Every year, prior to the start of the practice, a schedule of practices for the calendar year is agreed with the heads of enterprises;

Before going to practice, each group with students is instructed on TB, which is noted in the safety journal. Students keep a diary of professional practice, the form of which is adopted by the local act. Verification of the implementation of the program by students during the practice is carried out by the master of industrial training. At the end of the practice, a written report is drawn up. Control and analysis of the organization and practice is carried out by the Deputy Director for educational and production work.